Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress is located at the very entrance to Djerdap Gorge, where the Danube is at its widest – over six km. The fortress and its surroundings were recently completely renovated and today it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Serbia. It comprises nine towers that connect the ramparts and the palace, with most of the space being accessible to all visitors. However, only the fittest, accompanied by a guide, can reach certain towers.

Ticket prices, opening hours and other useful information when planning your visit

Inside the visitor centre, the palace and the fortress towers there are various exhibitions.

The history of the fortress

The fortress was built at the very entrance to Djerdap Gorge, which was the perfect location from which to monitor and control the land and water routes between the east and the west. It is no surprise that many armies have fought for control of the fortress over the centuries.

About the fortress

Which is the “hat” and which is the “cannon” tower on Golubac? Which tower served as a watchtower over the Danube, and which was defended with arrows? Which one defended the main gate, and which one served to defend this fortress against attacks from the hill?

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