Rajko’s cave

Rajko’s Cave is located near Majdanpek. Our famous geographer Jovan Cvijić was the first to explore it at the end of the 19th century, and in 1975 it was opened to the public. It was named after the famous harambasha (a senior rank among brigands) Rajko Vojvoda, who spent his days in the tavern and at night he robbed Turkish caravans, whose stolen treasure he hid in this cave.

Rajko’s Cave has the Rajko river flowing through it. It consists of a sinkhole and a spring, and both have a lower – hydrologically active, and a higher – dry horizon. Based on the length of the explored channels of 2,304 m, it is considered the longest cave system in Serbia. Visitors can currently access around 850 m of the 1,410 m long circular path, created by joining the river and dry canal. Rajko’s Cave is rich in various cave jewellery made of snow-white crystalline calcite, which is considered the best quality in Serbia. The gurgling of the Rajko river that echoes in the cave spaces, especially in “Hedgehog’s Hall”, with thousands of calcite tubes on the ceiling, leaves a very special impression.

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