Vratna Gates

The natural bridges in Vratna Gorge (Prerasti Vratne) are located near the Vratna monastery. The monastery is the last point that can be reached by car, and there is a small car park next to the rest area near the river. The path continues through the forest for about 200 m with a gentle climb before descending to the Great Gate. Halfway along the path, it is possible to take a slight detour to the lookout point near the cross, and here visitors will first see the Small Gate, which is visible from the path. The Great Gate is more attractive from a tourist point of view due to its easier access, visitors can walk directly under it and walk along the nearby river. The fittest can continue the ascent to another viewpoint or further to Suva Gate.

It is believed that there was originally a cave channel between the Small and Great gates, which was later destroyed after it collapsed.

The Great Gate

The Great Gate spans a part of the Vratna river and is 45 m long. The height of the arch opening is about 30 m, while the total height from the river bed to the highest point of the ridge is about 65 m

The Small Gate

The Small Gate spans a 15-meter section of the Vratna river. The height of the arch is about 34 m, while the total length of the ridge is about 30 m.

Vratna Monastery

The medieval monastery of Vratna is located next to the Vratna river and dates back to the 14th century. It is surrounded by high rocks blocking the view and, throughout history, it has been burned and ravaged many times and has, consequently, not been preserved in its original beauty and grandeur.

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