Wine cellars

The traditional way of growing vines, pruning, processing and winemaking is a characteristic of Negotin Krajina. Pivnice (wine cellars) are complexes of stone houses for grape processing and wine storage. The houses have thick stone walls and the basements are often subterranean, which allows the desired temperature to be maintained. On the first floor, there are usually rooms where the winemakers stayed. The largest and most interesting for tourists are the Rajac and Rogljevo pivnice, which are located between Negotin and Zaječar, closer to Negotin.

In addition to Rajac and Rogljevo, these wine cellars have also been preserved in the local villages of Štubik, Smedovac and Bratujevac. It is also interesting that the largest complex was in the village of Tamnič, with streets that were paved with stones and small squares. Unfortunately, the last pivnica in that village was demolished in the middle of the last century.

wine cellars in Rajac
wine cellars in Rogljevo

In addition to the unique opportunity to walk through an authentic village from the old times, you can taste and buy wine from local producers in the pivnice.

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